Commerce Web Hosting

Price and Payment

Billing cycle Bi-Annual
Terms of Notice 1 month
Setup Fee 0.00 CAD
Monthly Fee 38.88 CAD
Semi Yearly 233.28 CAD
Yearly Fee 466.56 CAD
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes

Basic Features

Webspace 5000 MB (about 4.88 GB)
Traffic / Month 160000 MB (about 156.25 GB)
Autoresponder Yes
Email Accounts 50
Email Aliases 50
Spamfilter Yes
FTP Accounts 1


Domains 0 (com, org, net, biz, ca, info)
Domains 0
Additional Domains Yes, see domain prices
Subdomains 0
Wildcard-Subdomains (*.yourdomain.tld) No


Blog Creator Yes (EasyBlogBuilderTM)
Photo Album Yes
Website Creation Application Yes (EasySiteWizardProTM)
Announcer Yes
Website Promotion Wizard Yes
Website Checker Yes
Advanced Template Gallery Yes
Free Shopping Cart Yes (EasyStoreMakerTM)
Form-Mail Yes
Hit Counter Yes
EasyStoreMaker ProTM Yes
Support for Credit Card Processing Yes
Business Chat Application Yes (EasyLiveChatTM)
Secure Server (SSL) Yes
Appointment Scheduler Yes
Website Promotion Wizard Yes
OS Commerce Templates Yes (For advanced users and webmasters)

Professional Features

CGI/Perl Yes
MySQL-Databases 3
Own error pages Yes
ASP (Active Server Pages) Yes
Cold-Fusion Support Yes
Microsoft Access Yes
Microsoft MSSQL Support(Extra) Yes (Extra)


Support Yes Free 24/7 (Phone, Email, Forum, Messenger or Livechat)
Web-FTP Yes
Web-Mail Yes
phpMyAdmin Yes

File Management

FTP Accounts 1
File Manager Yes
Disk Usage Meter Yes
Web Stats Yes
DNS Manager Yes
File Restore Application Yes
Log Management Yes
Access to Log Files Yes
Secure Shell (SSH) Yes
Website Security Yes
Database Manager Yes


Anti-Virus Yes
Autoresponder Yes
Easy-Mail Accounts 50
Email-Aliases Yes
IMAP / Leave-Mail-on-Server Yes
Personal Email Manager Yes
Webmail Yes
Spamfilter Yes
Unlimited Catch-all Yes


24/7 Network Monitoring Yes
Bandwidth-on-Demand Yes
Same-Day Set-up Yes
24/7 Toll Free Support Yes
99.9% Target Up-time Guarantee Yes