A seamless blend of UNIX and Microsoft™ technologies.  Our technology combines the functionality of "Windows™ hosting" and "UNIX hosting" onto one platform. You can run ASP/MS Access and PHP/MySQL based sites from the same server farm. With our seamless blending of UNIX and Microsoft™ technologies, Our hosting system is truly "cross-platform and one of the most advanced in the industry.

Scale to an unlimited number of domains on redundant servers
Our architecture is designed and built from the ground up to scale to an unlimited number of domains. These domains are hosted on multiple redundant servers, which are clustered using load balancing hardware.

Take advantage of our BGP4 technology
Multiple redundant Internet connections, currently provided by UUNET, LOOK Communications, Telus and Sprint, are implemented through the use of BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol). We monitor and upgrade bandwidth as needed.

We employ multiple routers and load balancers
Our multiple routers are made redundant through the use of Cisco's HSRP (Hot Swappable Router Protocol). Our server clusters use multiple load balancing hardware, designed for fail-over in the event of a load balancer fault, which allows us to provide you with 99.9% Up-time reliability!

Network Appliance filers assure speed and data integrity
Data integrity and speed are assured by multiple Network Appliance Filers using RAID technology. Three back up systems are in place; one is on-site and two are off-site at geographically separated data centers. The systems are continuously monitored for reliability and performance by our NOC staff. Our new state of the art data centers are protected through electrical power backup, independent air conditioning units and physical security measures.

Data Center Facility
We use four North American points of presence, its main one being a state-of-the-art 80,000 sq. ft. Intelligent Internet Data Center. The center provides the ultimate in security, reliability and technology.

  • A World Class Capital Facility - $75 million has been invested in the Internet Data Center which is housed in an 80,000 sq. ft. (7,432 sq. meter) building, to be expanded to 150,000 sq. ft. (13,935 sq. meters) of hosting solutions floor space, with the capacity of more than 35,000 servers.
  • Clustered Server Environment - Our Web server clusters are bundles of hardware, operating systems, and applications, integrated to host and serve business-critical web applications to users worldwide. Hostopia ensures that the hardware, software and network infrastructure to support websites is robust enough to handle the peaks and valleys of customer demand.
  • Environmental Control - The facility has a strictly controlled dust and pollution free environment. The climate control system maintains a consistent range of between 13-21? C (55-70? F) and humidity at 40 to 60 percent in a static-free facility. The entire facility has raised flooring.
  • Physical Security - The Center provides top-level 24x7x365 perimeter security including video surveillance, biometric and card-key access and 24-hour on-site security.
  • Fire Suppression - The Center has a state-of-the-art smoke detection system with the ability to scan even the smallest (up to 3PPM) particle in the air.
  • Connectivity The Internet Data Center contains a robust reliable and high quality network. It operates on a SONET ring, diverse redundant fiber-optic network connections with a capacity capable of OC-192 (10 Gigabits) connected by the latest switching and high-speed routing equipment.